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Acuscope and Myopulse Training

Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine offers the only accredited training for the use of the Acuscope and Myopulse instruments. Our training program is world class and second to none. We are licensed, medical professionals, experienced in medical hospital programs and offer advanced documented proceedure protocols for all our certified Technicians upon completion of the training program.

National Certification Training Program

The Thorp Institute’s aim to bring microcurrent technology to a widespread audience has created a demand for qualified technicians to be placed in virtually every field of medicine. We currently have trained technicians and instruments in the offices of medical doctors, chiropractors, doctors of Chinese medicine, physical therapists, dentists, and veterinarians, nationally and internationally.

Microcurrent therapy is a relatively new field. To properly identify well-trained technicians using our Class II medical devices, we have created a proprietary certification program that, once completed, permits graduates to use the designation Electro-toxicologist® Technician


Only a trained, certified Electro-toxicologist™ technician can provide you with state of the art care to detoxify the body via the use of micro-current applied directly to the energy pathways of the body. Thorp Institute is the exclusive provider of training in the the Electro-toxicology™ discipline, including the care and use of the Electro-Acuscope system and the Myopulse system. Contact one of our certified Electro-Toxicologist™ technicians to learn more about this ground breaking new medical treatment.


Toxins are the basis of all disease. Only a trained, certified Electro-toxicologist® technician can provide state-of-the-art care to detoxify the body via the use of microcurrent applied directly to the energy pathways of the body. Thorp Institute is the exclusive provider of training in the Electro-toxicologyt® discipline, including the care and use of the Acuscope and Myopulse systems.

The introductory training is a four-day intensive course. It delves into the theory and medicine behind microcurrent therapy and offers hands-on application and course material. An exam is given at the end of the course.

The Basic Technician Training, held every other month in Carlsbad, CA, covers:

  • Instruments’ description, inventory, and maintenance
  • History of electro-medicine and Thorp Institute
  • Basic cellular biology (Electro-toxicology®)
  • Hands-on labs demonstrating application of the modalities for pain syndromes
  • Systemic protocols
  • Useful tips for treating with the Acuscope and Myopulse
  • Insurance billing

Upon completion of the course, five hundred hours of S.O.A.P. note documented therapy is required, as well as 8 hours of hands-on clinical therapy to be approved by a TI certified trainer. The hands-on clinical therapy sign-off is required to assure that protocols are performed to TI standards in order to receive certification as a TI certified Electro-toxicologist®.

Technicians must have a state license to operate a Class II medical device or be aligned with a state licensed medical professional.

2015 Acuscope/Myopluse Training

Feb. 19-22
April 16-19
June 25-28
Aug. 20-23
Oct. 22-25
Dec. 10-13

2015 Equine Proscope 360 Training

Feb. 23-24
April 20-21
June 29-30
Aug. 24-25
Oct. 26-27
Dec. 14-15

Training Location/Times:

Homewood suites, Carlsbad
2223 Palomar Airport Road
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Thursday-Saturdays are 9am-6pm and Sunday is usually half day.

The Equine training is held at the San Diego Polo Club In Kimo Huddleston's barn

Basic equipment instructions and full private or on-site group trainings are also available upon request.

Course Registration Information

To register for training, please call 760-944-8467, fax 866-319-1361, or email us at

TI Membership Fees and Benefits

A one-time fee of $6,500 for unlimited training (one certificate) includes:

  • Unlimited attendance to TI Basic Technician Training (up to 3 students per class; RSVP required)
  • Unlimited protocol and technical support
  • Up to 50% off additional trainings: veterinary/equine, esthetician/beauty care, advanced protocols and certifications
  • Materials: workbook of protocols, insurance billing codes/methods, a set of training DVDs, electrolytes, creams and cleaning supplies, and break refreshments

Cancellation Policy

All training and equipment sales are final. If you register for a particular training and have to cancel, you may transfer your attendance to a future training.

Payment Methods

  • Check (Please make checks payable to Thorp Institute, in U.S. funds, drawn from a U.S. bank. Send to: Thorp Institute, 329 Fulvia St, Encinitas, CA 92121)
  • Credit Card: Visa/Mastercard accepted
  • Purchase Order: PO number and billing address required

Lodging Discounts:

thorp certification training

La Quinta Inn (Carlsbad, CA)



"I am already able to use the information I learned in class on clients with notable results and am building my practice daily. Everything I need to operate the machines to their maximum benefit for the client was taught in class. The hands-on opportunity to do some of the most difficult protocols has given me the confidence to feel I am giving my clients the best possible treatments."

Francesca Patrurio

"I learned more in one hour than the fifteen years and the several trainings that I attended from other Acuscope and Myopulse distributors. I highly support the training supplied by the Thorp Institute and the Electro-toxicology® protocols developed and taught by John Thorp."

Dr. Bill Levitt M.D., 2008

"I have been involved with the Acuscope and Myopulse for over 20 years for use in chronic pain for injuries on horses in the equine industry and am also a licensed esthetician and use it in the beauty care industry as well. I have been trained by several other distributors over the past 20 years. I learned more in one week training at Thorp Institute than I did from all the combined trainings I had received from the all the other distributors and in all the other fields that the instruments can be used in. If you’re going to get trained get trained once and by someone that really knows what they are doing. John Thorp and The Thorp Institute trainers really know what they are doing. I highly recommend the Thorp certification and the use of their Electro-toxicology® protocols."

Don Hoffman
Equine Stud Farm Manager, 2009