The Thorp Advantage

Whether you look to the Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine for treatment, equipment, or training, you can be assured that you will have our fullest support. The Thorp Advantage means:

  • Thorp Certified Training is taught by LICENSED MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS
  • Ongoing training in advanced documented protocols
  • Technical and clinical support
  • Access to medical experts (doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, registered nurses, etc.)
  • Experienced in medical hospital programs
  • Thorp Institute is the exclusive provider of training in the Electro-toxicology® discipline, including the care and use of the Acuscope and Myopulse systems
  • On-site training and customized training are available upon request
  • Marketing support, including a 90-minute lecture by John Thorp to promote your clinic to potential patients, referring practitioners, and the media All Thorp equipment has larger batteries for longer use, less maintenance, and fewer repair costs

Our success is based on the accomplishments of our Electro-toxicologist® technicians. We are only as good as the results you get.

*While training is available to physical therapists, acupuncturists, and other medical professionals, CEs are currently accredited for California acupuncturists and Nevada physical therapists. We are in the process of obtaining more CE approvals. Please continue to check back for your professional CE state approval.

Thorp Institute Licenses and Certifications

Thorp Institute has attained proper training and necessary certifications. We sell and properly train others to use the Electro-Acuscope, Myopluse and our in-depth comprehensive knoweledge, experience and hands-on training at all levels puts us "top of the class" as leaders in the industry.