Product Overview

Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine offers a selection of microcurrent therapy equipment to suit your needs. Now offering a newer robust product line that has more speed, efficency with higher performance than its older predecessor's, the Acuscope and Myopluse.

well-being and detoxification program Electro Equiscope introducing the Most Advanced Acuscope and Myopulse technology combined into one unit now being offered in one easy travel Case. The "Electro Equiscope" was developed exclusively for Thorp Institute, to be used in combination with its proprietary Equine protocols. This Unique Equine calibration was used for the therapy of "I'll Have Another" Winner of the 2012 Santa Anita Derby, The 2012, 138th running of the Kentucky Derby and the 2012, 137th running of the Preakness.


well-being and detoxification program The 1845 Facilitator & 1945 Unifier The 1845 Facilitator was created exclusively for Thorp Institute to be used prior to the therapy of BCRO XENO Stem Cell Transplantation by Dr. E. Michael Molnar MD.

The 1845 Facilitator was developed to be used to help the Nervous system with its ability to absorb instead of reject the introduction of BCRO XENO Stem cell Transplantation into the body.

The 1945 Unifier was created to specifically comply with Dr. Molnar's post BCRO Stem Cell therapy. It is to be used Post Stem Cell Transplantation with patients that have an incurable or untreatable disease. The 1945 Unifier is to be used on a daily basis and is directed to the nervous system that continues to require the micro current electrical support. Read more.

Intelligent Bioenergetics has exclusive distributor rights of microcurrent therapy systems and equipment. We also carry the full range of accessories for all these products. To order, please call 858-539-6111 or email us at

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