About the 1845 Facilitator and 1945 Unifier



The 1845 Facilitator was created exclusively for Thorp Institute to be used prior to the BCRO fetal precursor (stem) cell transplantation by Dr. E. Michael Molnar MD.

The 1845 Facilitator was developed to help the central autonomous nervous system to bring all internal functions of the body into perfect synchrony in preparation for BCRO animal fetal precursor (stem) cell transplantation.

The 1945 Unifier was created to specifically comply with Dr. Molnar's post BCRO Stem Cell therapy. It is to be used Post Stem Cell Transplantation with patients that have an incurable or untreatable disease. The 1945 Unifier is to be used on a daily basis and is directed to the nervous system that continues to require the micro current electrical support.

The 1945 Unifier was created to specifically comply with Dr. Molnar's request to be used after BCRP animal fetal (stem) cell transplantation for patients with incurable or untreatable diseases. The 1945 Unifier is to be used on a daily basis for the continuous micro current electrical support

These instruments are sold by prescription only.

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Dr. E. Michael Molnar MD talks about the fraud in Stem cell transplantation

Dr. Molnar's Cell Therapy is available outside of the United States. For more info visit: www.stem-cell-transplantation.com.

Basic bio-physical research within the last decades has led to the development of bio-equivalent stimulation (bio-electrical therapy) in the USA, which has been used for therapy of patients since the beginning of 1980's. The concept is based on the realization that the bio-physical processes that promote the cell metabolism in humans play a significant role in the regulation of all vital processes.

The bio-stimulation is a vectored motion of carriers of electrical charge or so-called micro current. It is better tolerated than any other form of stimulation and can gently treat tissue and cells. This current is fine-tuned to the level of the normal electric activities of the somatic cells and therefore very natural and effective. Electric voltages of between 10 and 20 mV are normal for the cell membranes of a healthy cell. This is maintained by the energy consuming proton transport at the semi-permeable cell membrane. If disorders of those membrane characteristics of the cell occur, it also influences the protein and energy metabolism of the cell. In the case of chronic irritation of the organism, infections and injuries, it leads to disorders of these physiological processes of the cell.

The biological stimulation effect with bio-electrical therapy begins where the body's own immune system and repair function fail. The normalization of the cell activity reduces the signs of inflammation.

The healing process of damaged tissue is shortened with externally applied bio-equivalent stimulation. The healing of the tissue is triggered by damaged cells, which discharge certain bio-chemical substances, such as arachidonic acid, a component of the phospholipid structure of the membrane itself, from wounds into their immediate surroundings. From this, prostaglandins are synthesized, triggering a cascade of reactions resulting in the release of histamine and bradykinins - which can stimulate pain endings as well as partake in the inflammatory response. These substances are responsible for infections and the pathological conditions related hereto. The best method to accelerate healing is to speed up the repair or renewal of such damaged cells. This occurs by increasing the ATP production, protein synthesis, and DNA regeneration.