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Thorp Institue Equine's Success in the Preakness

winners circle

"I'll Have Another" Trainer, Doug O'Neill, Hosts the Preakness Trophy skyward as John Thorp looks on from Doug's Immediate left. Doug mentions, John Thorp's instruments and the training and direction, Tyler Cerin received from him were a big part of our success. "I'll Have Another" had never won a race before being treated with the Electro Equiscope. He never lost a race once his Electro Equiscope treatment began.

winners circle

John Thorp and Assistant trainer Jack Sisterson welcome Mario Gutierrez and "I'll Have Another" to the winners circle at the 137th running of the Preakness.

"I'll Have Another's" 2012 Winnings:

  • Won the Robert B. Lewis Stakes, 43-1 odds
  • Won the Santa Anita Derby 4-1 odds
  • Won the Kentucky Derby, 15-1 odds
  • Won the Preakness, 5-2 odds
  • Retired 2012


Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine equipment has tremendous success with equine health and horse therapy. The non-invasive, drug-free cellular microcurrent instruments restore and maintain peak performance in horses.

Trainers and owners alike depend on the most efficient and safest treatments available in order to maintain optimal health and performance in their horses.


The pain and discomfort associated with the following indications are being successfully treated by Electro Equiscope thearpy:

  • Abscessed feet
  • Arthritic conditions of joints
  • Bowed tendons
  • Bucked shins
  • Cartilage damage in knees and ankles
  • Colic
  • Deteriorating coffin bones
  • Green osselets
  • Hocks, curbs, and capped hocks
  • Joint inflammation
  • Laminitis or founder
  • Muscle spasms in stifles, backs, and shoulders
  • Pinched neck nerves
  • Pulled suspensory ligaments
  • Ringbone
  • Splint
  • Stressed stifles
  • Traumatic inflammation injury
  • Tying up


Thorp Institue Equine Video's


An impossible win For Sinatra racing with a horse named Run for Cecelia. Dr. Stephen Sinatra Talks about his Greatest wins in his 45 Year racing career including, Admirals war Chest wining the "Maryland Million in 2015 as well as an impossible win with a horse that had a neurological disease similar to the neurological disease of his Grand daughter


Admirals War Chest Wins the $150,000, Classic at the Jim Mckays Maryland Million dollar race in Maryland. a huge win for Dr. Steve & Jan Sinatra, Corby Caiazzo, Ally Caiazzo, John Thorp, the Equiscope and the team at Intell Bio celebrate after wining the biggest horse race in the 40 year history of Sinatra racing stables.


Dr. Paddy Brown DVM endorses the use of the Electro Equiscope and Joins the Thorp Institute team of Equine therapists as a certified trainer using the new breed of Acuscope and Myopulse therapy, the Electro Equiscope.


John Thorp explains the success and benefits of the Electro Equiscope


Dr. Sinatra Talks of Horse Racing Success with "Greg's Irish Pride" using Thorp Electro Equiscope


Dr. Patricia Brown PHD DVM


If you would like to join us in the winners circle feel free to give me a call. My direct line is 805-798-1121. Enjoy the little clip from Doug O'Neill the trainer for "I'll Have Another" and winner of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness.


The Thorp Equine Team Of Tyler Cerin, Larry, "Thumper, Jones And John Thorp Bring Home An Undefeated String Of Victories With "I'll Have Another" Winner Of The Santa Anita Derby, The Kentucky Derby and The Preakness using the Thorp Certified microcurrent system.


Thorp Institue Equine News & Articles

Filly Runs for the Little Girl Who Can't

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Everyone thinks they have it so tough. But if we would actually take a moment to look at those around us and the challenges they have to overcome, we would see that we do not have it so bad. Horse racing owner Stephen Sinatra's granddaughter Cecelia is one of those who has it much tougher than most.
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Blog: Meet Thorp's Equine team after winning Kentucky Derby & the Preakness

horse pain management


Teri Capaldi has been involved with horses for over 30 years. Her specialty is breeding and showing cutting horses. She is a native Californian and works in both the Los Angeles and Paso Robles areas.

The following cases reflect Teri’s results using the Electro Equiscope.

1) Van Snow, D.V.M., of Santa Ynez, California, diagnosed Spooky’s Smarty Pants, a cutting horse futurity prospect, as having pulled the suspensories in both a front and rear leg just weeks before the futurity. The mare was treated using the Electro Equiscope at the suspensories, as well as at points for overall well-being. The mare won Open Reserve Champion at the Fort Worth NCHA Cutting Futurity out of over 600 horses, earning a check for over $140,000.

2) A three-year-old gelding owned by Jack Elliott of the Atwood Ranch in northern California came up sore in the hind-end at the Mid-State Futurity in Paso Robles, California. The gelding was treated with the Electro Equiscope and made it to the final round. There, they tied for 1st place and won the cut-off, winning the Non-Pro division.

Avis Bell has also been involved with horses for over 30 years. Avis’s specialty is in barrel racing and Western performance. Avis competed on a colt at the NBHA Minnesota state finals in barrel racing and after being seeded 18th took third place in the fourth division championship. She also participated in the World NBHA championships in Augusta, Georgia.

Avis currently owns Animal Alternatives in Minnesota and has had horses flown in from all over the country to receive Electro Equiscope treatments.

The following cases reflect Avis’s results using the Acuscope and Myopulse.

1) Vince, a barrel racing and roping horse, slipped on the ice and broke a bone in the ileum, or pelvic area. Veterinarian Tom Prieve, D.V.M., suggested the horse be put down due to this extreme injury. After six treatments, Dr. Prieve was amazed with the results and stated, “Whatever Avis is doing, have her keep doing it.” Two and a half months later, Vince, feeling the effects of Electro Equiscope therapy, broke free and ran bucking and kicking down the alleyway, to the surprise of his owners.

2) Bugsey, a 22-year-old barrel racing horse that had performed all over the continental United States and consistently placed at the top, was injured in competition. The diagnosis: “He would remain crippled for the rest of his life.” Due to his age, arthritis, and this new injury, the veterinarian’s comment was, “He really has no purpose left.” He suggested retirement in pasture. Bugsey had six treatments on his right shoulder using the Electro Equiscope and has been sound ever since. Avis competed on Bugsey throughout 2002. Avis said, “Whenever old Bugsey keeps the barrels up, we are always in the money, even at the ripe old age of 23.”


Case Study Photos

Equine therapy

This horse shown above, was going to be put down but the owner after an extreme wound injury. They instead decided to give Electro Equiscope therapy a shot. After only 10 treatments, the after photo shows incredible healing underway from Electro Equiscope therapy.

Equine therapy

Blaze, shown above, came in with a huge wound and torn right shoulder. After only 21 days of Electro Equiscope therapy treatment, the photo's show healing success.

Equine therapy

Photo on left showing initial, fresh wound on horse. Mare could barely drag her leg to get into the barn. After one treatment, improvement as seen in the middle photo. This mare received only three treatments, a week and a half later, it appeared like there was a scratch on it, she was back to roping.

Equine therapy

Above photo on the left shows a huge open wound on a 3 year old mare's chest/shoulder area. Wound is one day old before treatment. Photo on the right side was shot after ONE Electro Equiscope therapy treatment.

Equine therapy

Above show "before and after" photos a 6 year old Gelding with a two year old knee injury. "Before photo" on left side, Vet diagnosed as open joint, would not heal. Owner treated with bio-scan, magnetic therapy, poultices, ice, etc. showing initial, fresh wound on horse. Photo on the right was shot 7 weeks after Electro Equiscope, completely healed! Measured 15 7/8" around before, 14" after treatment. Knee has stayed solid and sound since.


winners circle

Dr. Natasha Lilly DVM with the new Electro Equiscope.


If you are interested in purchasing equipment and training and/or becoming a sales representative for Thorp Institute, please contact our marketing team for the details at info1@thorpinstitute.com. We look forward to working with you soon.