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Career Opportunities with Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine

At Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine we are always looking for people who are interested in making a difference for others. Whether you are already a medical practitioner or are looking to make a career change, our programs offer the skills and instruments to help you maximize your earning potential.

Electro-toxicology® Technicians are in high demand.

The Thorp Institute’s aim to bring microcurrent technology to a widespread audience has created a demand for qualified technicians to be placed in virtually every field of medicine. We currently have trained technicians and instruments in the offices of medical doctors, chiropractors, doctors of Chinese medicine, physical therapists, dentists, and veterinarians, nationally and internationally.

We often compare our technicians to x-ray technicians. When the medical value of x-ray was realized, a new clinical field was created as a result. This parallels microcurrent therapy. Microcurrent treatment is not new, but the result it has on pain management is only recently being made known to the general public. Since Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine offers the only clinically proven protocols using the Acuscope and Myopulse instruments, a new clinical field is developing. A highly trained technician is needed to perform these protocols.

Only a trained, certified Electro-toxicologist® technician can provide you with state-of-the-art care to detoxify the body via the use of microcurrent applied directly to the energy pathways of the body. Thorp Institute is the exclusive provider of training in the Electro-toxicology® discipline, including the care and use of the Acuscope and Myopulse systems.

The Acuscope and Myopulse are FDA registered as Class II medical devices. This means they can be operated by anyone under the supervision of a doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, acupuncturist, doctor of Chinese medicine, or naturopath.

Unfortunately, there are doctors and other practitioners who have purchased instruments from other companies and were never given the training that Thorp Institute offers. Thousands of instruments have been sold nationally, and a very high percentage of them are sitting in a corner somewhere due to lack of training.

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Our training includes hands-on treatment on people who believe in your education. If you opt for a private training at your facility, we encourage you to schedule as many different types of chronic pain sufferers as you can. We also suggest contacting the local news media and letting them know when we will be there. This way you can get free advertisement for your new profit center and promote your clinic as one of the first in your area to offer this non-drug, non-surgical approach to chronic pain.

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The educated public wants non-invasive and non-drug therapy. This is the hallmark of microcurrent therapy using the Acuscope and Myopulse instruments. Our 90% success rate in the reduction of chronic pain speaks for itself. What once was available only to the elite and to professional athletes is now available to all your patients.

If you are interested in purchasing equipment and training and/or becoming a sales representative for Thorp Institute, please contact our marketing team for the details at We look forward to working with you soon.


I learned more in one hour than the fifteen years and the several trainings that I attended from other Acuscope and Myopulse distributors. I highly support the training supplied by the Thorp Institute and the Electro-toxicology® protocols developed and taught by John Thorp. "

Dr. Bill Levitt M.D., 2008